Chaste, pure
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Kate is a diminutive of Katherine. Katherine originates in Greek language and means "chaste, pure". It has been one of the most popular feminine given names over centuries and with various spellings all around the world. Historically, it was a favourite name especially in Christian world. Katherine is the name of many saints, the most popular probably being Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century martyr. It was also a popular name within royalty in different countries. The variant spelling Catherine is also very frequent.

Popularity of the Name Kate
Also Spelled Like...

Katie, Cait, Caitie, Cate, Catee, Catey, Catie, Kait, Kaite, Kata, Katee, Katey, Kati, Katica, Katja, Katka, Katy, Katya

Famous Kates

Kate Beckinsale - actress
Kate Hudson - actress
Kate Bosworth - actress
Kate Bush - musician
Kate Capshaw - actress
Kate Jackson - actress
Kate Moss - model
Kate Winslet - actress
Kate Bosher - published author
Kate Calloway - writer
Kate Chopin - writer
Kate Clarke - actress
Kate Dillon - model
Kate Earl - musician
Kate Gallison - writer
Kate Garven - actress
Kate Green - writer
Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge

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