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Ellen is a Medieval English form of Helen. Helen originates in Greek language and means "torch of light". In Greek mythology, Helen is a famous figure, known as Helen of Troy. She was a daughter of Zeus, described as a beautiful woman. Her abduction by Paris triggered off a series of events which finally ended in the Trojan War. In Christianity, Saint Helena is the one who found the relics of the True Cross upon which Jesus was crucified. Throughout centuries, Helen has been one of the most popular feminine given names.

Popularity of the Name Ellen
Also Spelled Like...

Elen, Elene

Famous Ellens

Ellen Degeneres - entertainer
Ellen Arthur - U.S. First Lady in the 19th century
Ellen Barkin - actress
Ellen Burstyn - actress
Ellen Cleghorne - Saturday Night Live cast member
Ellen Page - actress
Ellen Pompeo - actress
Ellen Wilson - U.S. First Lady in the 20th Century
Ellen Baker - astronaut
Ellen Corby - actress
Ellen Douglas - writer
Ellen Eglui - inventor
Ellen Finch - published author
Ellen Glasgow - novelist
Ellen Goodman - writer
Ellen Greene - actress
Ellen Hart - writer
Ellen Jackson - writer
Ellen Lanyon - artist

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